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    About us
    and our quality __

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    At MIIRZA we believe in forming strong partnerships between our factory and customer base. We’ve built MIIRZA upon the principalbeliefs of integrity, transparency, and providing the Best Value Proposition in the upholstery business.

    We provide superior qualityproduct using current on-trend designs featuring: precision cuthardwood frames (Lifetime warranty), sinous wire seat springsdouble-reinforced with Pirelli-type support straps (10 Year warranty), high resiliency foam cushion cores (Lifetime warranty), over 500fabrics and leathers to chose from (including Revolution Performance Fabrics)... and all delivered in a more efficient manner!

    State of the art production
    at affordable prices __

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    Our state of the art production facility is dedicated to the manufacturing of upholstered living room and family room furniture. With a new vision of trend-forward design, superior construction and materials, durable long-lasting quality, and impeccable tailoring, our professionally crafted upholstery is available in a wide variety of leathers and performance fabrics for today’s consumer.

    We offer the best variety at the forefront of trends in top grain leather or 100% vinyl fabric materials, which maintain their beautiful appearance, color and maximum consistency for many years. We also have a catalog of more than 500 fabrics to choose from, which places us in a leading position in the high-end furniture industry.

    Turn to Mexico as your 
    wholesale __

    production plant

    No tariffs.

    ◉ State of the art production facilities, only 5 minutes from the Guadalajara airport.

    ◉ Better service and Reliable delivery.

    ◉ Highly skilled and stable labor pool in Guadalajara as opposed to border cities.

    ◉ Guadalajara is the upsholstery and automotive industrial
    epicenter of México.

    ◉ We are a current source to the industry.

    ◉ Solid financial resources and support.

    ◉ Miirza is positioned to capitalize on the new trade environment with ample capacity, and ready to replace Chinese production… at Consistently Higher Quality Standars!

    ◉ Experienced U.S. management and production teams are in place with the unique understanding of the business challenges between Mexico and U.S. markets.